20 September, 2006

Not Yet!

...If I had a day that I could give you/ I'd give to you a day just like today....

My trousers reach mid-calf, my tee-shirt, my elbows. A slice of skin shows between waistbandless hipslung knit trousers that have seen better days and a vee-neck pullover in similar condition. My navel, however, is covered. The air is turning, is littered with rattling leaves that tattle the tale "summer is over, summer is over, put on your clothes."

The sun is bright, not fierce. The breeze is somewhat more aggressive than gentle. It is nothing short of gorgeous- but I can feel death in the air.

My toes are yet bare, though, and I ride topless today, defiantly clinging to warm rays with hot pink toenails.

(Sunshine On My Shoulders; John Denver)

1 comment:

Inanna said...

I immediately recognized one of my favorite singers of all time... Sunshine indeed.