13 June, 2007

Annotated Headlines

...found my way downstairs and drank a cup/ and looking up I noticed I was late....

I'll get back to answering questions in a minute, but first: these headlines.

What's wrong with this link? Tigers' Verlander No-Hits Brewers*

From BoingBoing, news of Ninjas Invading Italy.**

Oh, and here we go: Living Large And Loving It.***

Because Internet A Frightening Place.****

And from the shameless self-promotion department, Fluffy and Fuzzy and I will all be in a show called Vaudeville 2.0. We will not be in white-face.

Announcing: Vaudeville 2.0!

V2.0: A most superlative show!

Def: “Vau-de-ville 2.0”

1: theatrical entertainment consisting of a number of individual performances, acts, or mixed numbers, as by comedians, singers, dancers, acrobats, and magicians. 2. entertainment that will amaze (awe) and stupefy (duh) the village (ville) of Frederick.

1. a whole number, with no fractional portions. 2. the common vernacular way to refer to the second version of anything.

Originally French: chanson du vau de Vire ,1730-40, eventually shortened. Vaudeville is a genre of variety entertainment prevalent in the United States and Canada from the early 1880s until the early 1930s . Each evening's bill of performance was made up of a series of separate, unrelated acts. Types of acts included (among others) musicians, dancers, comedians, trained animals, magicians, impersonators, acrobats.

Vaudeville 2.0 as produced by Mark Lohr and Tim Marrone, of the recently revitalized Theatricks troupe, is a smorgasboard of variety acts for the whole family to enjoy. Acts include- but are not limited to-

• the magic of Michael Rosman
• Juggling
• Contortion by Shelly Guy
• fabulous clown routines
• Danger
• the poetic musical stylings of Joe Thompson
• Singing
• The piano prowess of Scott Morrow
• Slapstick
• And NO costume malfunctions

Cream pies not included.

At the Frederick Cultural Arts Center, 15 W. Patrick Street, Frederick, Maryland. 301-662-4190

Friday, June 15, 7 PM

Saturday, June 16, 10 AM, 2 PM and 7 PM

Tickets: $12 adults, $7 youth 14 and under

Naturally, I've been rehearsing lately, and most of my writing has been script or copy or programme or press release or flyer or poster for the show, which is why Stephanie is still waiting.

The rest of you perhaps, not so much.

*Where's the verb?

**Not really.


****Has this happened already?

(A Day In The Life; Beatles)


Michael said...

"no-hits" is the verb, albeit a dubious one.

Thanks for answering my question earlier! I'm hungry now.

Cattiva said...

We're going to get a full recap of the show, right?

Cybele said...

Michael, 'dubious' is a good description of the verbification of 'no-hits'.

Cattiva, I worry that non-clown, non-theatre readers will be bored. But if you're interested, just for you.