06 June, 2007

Peach's Reply

...bigger and sleeker/ and wider and brighter/ we bite and scratch and scream all night....

Peach asked: Where would I find your first aid supplies?

First response: Dunno.

Second response: With the avacados.

Informed response: In my bathroom closet, ostensibly on the middle shelf, but actually mixed at random with manicure products, clean towels, shampoo and lightbulbs.

Well, that was quick and stupid. Speaking of which, it's Wednesday! Time for Wednesday Links!

This week's theme is cats and bees.

One parent believes that bees are unfair.

Are bees simple? Find out.

Vanishing bees? Not really.

Yes, you too can enjoy the benefits of bee pollen.

And Lulu Eightball on bees.

For the one or two of you who may have missed it, LOLcats.

Scary cat news from BoingBoing; is this crazy or what?

Finally, check out these crazy cats. I don’t know whether to be pleased or frightened.

And, just to tie everything together, both cats and bees can cause injuries, requiring first aid.

(Lovecats; The Cure)


Paul said...

Pournelle has advised the military in the past, and it's no surprise to see that he has Niven at his side this time. They did it in "Footfall", where they were the characters Reynolds and Curtis.


I'm about to go to a company to buy a slab of granite, and they have kittens in the front office. I have to be careful- if you look them in the eyes, they steal your soul. And I can't have yet another cat in my house- Josephine would never forgive me, and would probably fart on my pillow in the night as she did when I got Thai, since she prefers to be an only cat...

Peach said...

Let us hope you do not get stung by a bee and scratched by a cat next time around.

Cybele said...

Peach, since that annoying cheese-slicer incident, anything is possible.

Paul, I will take it for granite that you got out cat-free.

Paul said...

I escaped- but only because the kittens are too young to be separated from their mother.

As I stood in the showroom snuggling a black and grey striped fuzzball, something like a marmelade-orange version of a Hostess Sno-Ball sat on the toe of my right shoe, then began climbing my leg. He reached my knee before he decided that this was probably a Very Bad Idea and backed down again.

Just as well, really- we already have enough animals that most nights I am overcome with fur.

Cattiva said...

I guess I should have a first aid kit, since I have kids and all. Does an old Tupperware container with 1 Care Bear band-aid, 3 pieces of string and an old Chicklet count?

Cybele said...

Paul, thanks for the vicarious kitty moment.

Cattiva, I'm not sure what medical use the Chicklet might be, but I'm gonna have to vote Yes to the Tupperware container.

I have a First Aid box made out of an old baby-wipe container. True to form, it is with my performance gear, and for three of the other eight months of the year I think, That should live in the bathroom, probably. By the time the fourth month after RenFest has passed, I've forgotten all about it, and rediscover it in August. It's been riding around with the gear some three or four years now. I don't know if I've ever used it. The minute I remove it, though, someone will get hurt. QED.