18 June, 2007

New Feature:

...Monday, I could wait till Tuesday/ if I make up my mind...

Monday List

an apple
4 turtlenecks
2 Bratz dolls
orange electrical cord
feathered fascinator
bottle of Perrier
sock full of coins
pink silk skirt
small bottle of Bayer asprin
4 empty canvas totes
styrafoam peanuts
CD of The Matrix
silver serving tray
Apple iBook G4
glitter hairspray
bottle of AdvilMigrane
recorder flute, blue
2 banana peels
The Twits by Roald Dahl
tall rectangular Christmas tin
glass vase of fake roses
crash bag
3 left gloves
a broken iron
nail file
Spongebob Gameboy game
a black bra

(Seven Days, Sting)


Cybele said...

Go ahead and guess, those of you who did not already read my asshat giveaway, before I thought of making this a little game. Forgive me. Posting in the wee hours after alcohol is probably a bad idea.

Peach said...

"There is no spoon."

Cattiva said...

Hmm...stuff found under my daughter's bed?

Cybele said...

Answer: things I brought to and were used during V2.0.