27 June, 2010

Monday List

...You really know how to dance/ when you go up, down jump around/ talk about true romance, yeah/ keep on whispering in my ear/ tell me all the things I wanna hear/ cuz it's true....

flower vase
saving business cards
mixing cinnamon and sugar
knitting needle display
storing pasta
measuring liquids, when there are markings
keeping safety pins
holding favorite fortunes from cookies
improvised snow globe using vegetable oil and glitter
button storage
sourdough bread starter
layers of dirt or sand from different destinations
drinking vessel
tiny landscape paperweight
denture soaking
keeping modeling clay moist
butter maker, using heavy cream
catching fireflies

Answer on Tuesday, if anyone asks.

(What I Like About You; The Kinks)

1 comment:

Cybele said...

Things to do with an empty jar, of course.