15 October, 2003

Counting Blessings

here's the thing: i don't feel distressed at all! it's weird, but other than whining about not being able to finish out renfest, i have not FOR ONE MOMENT felt sorry for myself! it was as though this event were predetermined. I may have fallen, but I landed on a cushion of love.

in the first minutes after the event, the universe realigned itself with the sole intent of offering me love and support. i have been so well taken care of that i am amazed. yes, it's going to be hard not driving for three to six weeks, but people have been popping up from everywhere to do things for me.

the financial issues won't improve with worry, so i won't. scheduled activities i am taking one day at a time, seeing if i can find rides for the childrens' dance classes, wondering how to manage the class i teach on thursdays.

so here i am, broken but still good. and just stunned at the breadth and depth of love being show to me from all corners. i don't feel injured, somehow. i feel blessed.

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