27 October, 2003

Cleansing Shower

I slept last night with the window open, hearing sporatic patter of rainfall, periodic song of freshwashed birds, wondering if the rain had the power to rinse from me my excess of emotion. And here in the morning, it's safely grey, no need to make an effort to smile in the sunshine...which has been sorely lacking lately, probably a good portion of my problem.

My hero has returned, to fill my heart with joy, my home with laughter and my arms with his expansive thumping chest of comfort. He pours all his efforts into my care and keeping as he has for the last twenty years, helps me in ways he doesn't notice by knowing what I want before I ask, and since my injury has not once made That Face, when he sighs and rolls his eyes and says, "Yes, Dear."

Lucky woman, me.

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