29 October, 2003

Names, Notions

When I went back to the orthopoedist, David joked with us and quizzed us on sports trivia. He was very entertaining, and knowledgeable about Ravens details, so the whole process was much more fun than it might have been. I did not like the loud buzzy thing that cut through the old cast, and found the ankle and foot to be incredibly sore. Hawk tenderly cleaned my leg, foot and toes with alcohol pads before David returned to recast me.He showed me my breaks on a model skeleton. It turns out that I have two broken bones in my leg, the fibula right at the ankle area, and the tibia, just above the heelbone, or talus. Also, I have broken my right radial head and something called a pisiform, which is in the wrist area, I guess. I checked out some impressive two-week old bruising along both sides and the bottom of my foot, making very clear to me why I haven't yet been able to take a step on my left foot.

Then we rode out, in the pouring rain, to the Ren Fest site. Hawk's notion was that I could blow bubbles from the gate, the way I wanted to do, but the rain was too fierce. He rolled me into the office to chat with Jules for a bit while he checked if he could bring home my Flambe trunk in the car. No. It was too big. Well. So home we went, but it was nice to get out, nice to visit, nice to commiserate with Jules about restrictions and interesting baths, from his hip surgery, which created a two foot incision. Wow. I thought I had troubles. Anyway, I told Jules I wanted closure, to get back on the wall and blow bubbles again, complete the cycle, even if it was the wrong wall. In his dry Minnesota way he replied, "Well, it doesn't have to be today." Which was absolutely right.

That's something I am learning: it doesn't have to be today.

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