12 October, 2003

Stupid Accident

Friday, 10 October

Stupid Accident

I messed up big time. Went to PA on Friday 10 October, and took a header off the 12- foot front gate wall while doing bubbles, at 10 AM.

I fractured my right elbow and left ankle, and sprained right shoulder through wrist, as I had made a desparate grab for the wall on my way down, which my chewed up palm can attest. Doing so may have saved my neck, literally, since the landing surface is unkind asphalt.

Mother and C drove up to get me, driving the car home for me, as I couldn't, and Hawk returned home from the road in time to be on kid duty and Welcome Wagon Committee, for Hilby and his two nine-year-old sidekicks. The house has been full of concerned family and friends, including BelovedJohn. I had to call out hurt at Maryland but wound up being part of the Cast Party show anyway.

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