26 November, 2003

And another interesting site, just plain funny, garnered from my regular forrays into "random browse" mode. The titles interest me, and they are often not backed up by any good text, but sometimes, sometimes, they are. This one has no substance, but is incredibly funny anyhow. The title is All The Good Blog Names Are Taken, which is a good start.

Another site I like purely for humor value which I found on Lit.org, is one devoted exclusively to bad puns. As if good ones were a possibility. And here it is.

Which reminds me. I posted a poem to Lit.org on Sunday and haven't heard back from the Powers That Be about its publication on the site. Usually the turnover is quite rapid..but wait, hasn't Crispain gotten married and had a baby? Or is that Bartleby? Oh, I can't keep up with these nearly-fictional folk. I am at least nearly certain that it is Spudley who maintains the Puns site.

It is again very cold, and I have work to do, for Steve, who is keeping me busy, partly to keep me employed, partly to keep my brain occupied, and partly because the other writer who was working on the project has disappeared in pursuit of a Master's Thesis or some such. A Worthy Cause, I suspect, but not one of mine. Today I will revise Monkeys and Parrots, continue work on Party Time (which I will rename, as that one is, in my opinion, dreadful) and do some character sketches/synopsies (is that a word? what IS the plural of synopsis?) so that Roy, the artist, can make Snigg, Sempi or Muppa always look like Snigg, Sempi or Muppa, rather than me reusing character names, and he reinvents character looks with each new storyboard. Good thinking, Steve.

Of course, Steve doesn't do any OTHER kind of thinking. My SuperGenius pal, he.

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