05 November, 2003

Wednesday, Fourth

Wednesday, Week Four

A mist like opalescent luminous paint winds itself around the leaves and vines and trees and flowers that meander, brilliant and untamed, across the wild patch I term "yard".

Yesterday was Tuesday, and since my flying adventure, I've noticed I have trouble with Tuesdays. I woke sweating from a dream of abandonment this morning, delighted to find it was Wednesday. Wednesday generally means a trip to Rob Breszny's site for a look at my horoscope, but this morning it was less inspiring than usual. However, I found an article on the front page, about Harmonic Convergence, exquisitely fascinating.

A literary site I'm fond of, Lit.org, has been captivating me these last couple of days. Why is it when I'm down, I look for other people to offer help to them? I suppose I must have heard at one point that the best way to cheer yourself is to offer cheer to someone else.

Last night, Alaina asked for a story on the couch. I dozed off reading to her, and she woke me gently, telling me, "Go wan!" When I finished, she curled in my arms and went to sleep. The two of us were fast asleep on the couch when Garrett arrived home later. He got ready for bed, and I recited "Where The Wild Things Are" from memory rather than reading to him. He went upstairs to bed, concerned that he'd be lonely, but did not return. I spent most of the night on the couch with my girl tucked into the curve of my body. When my back hurt, I covered her and moved to the guest bed. I'd have taken her with me, but the broken arm and leg make carrying anything larger than a teacup impossible.

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