25 November, 2003

I've just found a very interesting site, runswithscissors, written by someone who is obviously well educated, artistic, and interested in daily journalling, both linguistically and imagistically; what I mean to say is, there are lots of photographs.

Speaking of photographs, there is a spot that I used to visit regularly until it was removed from the "check this out" corner of the Blogger homepage, called Shutterline. It's very chilly today, which makes writing out here on the sunroom especially cool after the sun has gone down. And yet, a few brief words about my day.

Lisa Dabbs, that genius of chiropractic, has made my day, evening, perhaps week, with her clever work. She imagines that I landed on the inside of my left arch, jamming the ligaments on the inside of the leg and tearing the ones on the outside. She worked on the right wrist and elbow, also, finding torn ligaments in the wrist as well. With her trusty tool the Activator, she moved things around in my ankle, giving me a full circle range of motion that I had not had five minutes prior. What a gal.

Tonight, I may be going to a viewing, accompanying CJ, as I do not know the departed very well. A teenager, killed in an auto accident, a very familiar and sad story. She was one of CJ's favorites, a sweet girl, very kindhearted and supportive. A pity. Jose knew her also, hope he's holding up okay. He has rehearsal tonight, maybe can make tomorrow's viewing if he wants to.

Otherwise, it's an evening home with my exercise putty and perhaps Queer Eye For the Straight Guy, which has moved to a new timeslot? or is just appearing on network TV? I'm not sure, but the show has created quite a buzz, and maybe I'll have a look. Garrett will be with Jose at rehearsal, and perhaps I'll invite him back to the house, though I don't have any beer.

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