15 November, 2003

Rob Breszny, week of 13 November:

Can you find a sensitive saint who'll cater to your desires for a whole day? Someone who is knowledgeable about what gives you pleasure, who would listen with supple curiosity to your stories, who would sing you songs and read you poems and describe to you in lyrical detail all your wonderful qualities? In other words, Cancerian, can you enlist the devotion of a love genius who would regard being of service to you as a holy privilege? The planets have rarely been better aligned for such a possibility. The entire universe is yearning to be more demonstrative in showing its love for you.

Your destiny is a gorgeous mystery, Cancerian. Your soul is awakening more every day. The secrets of life are ripening right in front of your eyes.

What a fabulous message. I am open to the possibilities.

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