14 November, 2005

Funny? Maybe.

On a scale of one to ten, you're an idiot. --Scotty Meltzer

"Our little girl didn't have a problem with me flushing."

Oh. And did you?

"Well, yeah."


"Why? Did you want to bury it?"


"Why didn't you say something?"

I figured you'd think I was foolish.

"I wouldn't...hey, are you choked up about this? You are! Come here."

I really liked that stupid fish.

And if you think that's funny,

The Nerd Test. I got extra points for using a Mac!

Always funny: Bad Puns.

Funny. No Milk. It's eleven minutes, and yes, that good.

I spent part of last week learning to be funny with Scotty Meltzer, a MotionFest veteran.

Nunsense 2 at the Chesapeake Arts Center (don't worry, I'm not in it; just running the light board) is funny, but mostly if you are or have ever been Catholic. I'm not, and haven't so I miss a lot.

Also funny is this, in terrorist news. Okay, not funny-funny, but I-don't-understand-anything,-apparantly funny. A couple wires themselves to explode, and when his wife has trouble detonating, the man PUSHES HER OUT OF THE VENUE. What does this mean? In the midst of terror and death, love? Did he want to save her from death, and only detonated after she was safe? Did he not want to be personally responsible for her death, since she couldn't take responsibility for her own? Did he want her left alive so she could try again later?

I am constantly amazed by the complexity of humans.

While we hate our alien enemy, we designate his motivation 'evil' without attempting to understand. Until we love our enemy, at least a little, our hearts and minds are not open to hearing his motivation. Until we clarify motivation, we lack understanding. When we achieve understanding, there is at last hope for peace.

That's not funny, but it's true.


Inanna said...

My nerd scale was 106%. *nervous look* And I agree, that whole terrorist thing is ... funny but not funny ha ha but funny. I guess we really don't think about what kind of love they have...

Paul said...

It's amazing just how attached you can get to even a simple goldfish. When my son's fish died I was a lot more unhappy about it than he was.

For that matter, I now have my son's bird living with me. If anything happened to Tiffany I would be crushed.

And if anything happens to my cat? Forget it. That would be almost like losing a child.

Suicide bombers who kill innocent people in a restaurant, however... those I could watch die while eating ice cream, and enjoy every second. Provided that they only blew themselves up.

(Every time I read of a bomber whose explosive goes off early, taking only him out, I always hear Nelson Muntz pointing and yelling, "Ha-ha!")

Cybele said...

Inanna- I think you're right that we don't think about what kind of love is there in the Middle East. Fanatics are everywhere, but why?

Yes, Paul, I agree that pets are family. But I think seeing anyone die while I was eating ice cream would kind of put me off ice cream forever.