28 November, 2005

Ninjas Everywhere

...I'm gonna flip out like a ninja coz that's what ninjas do....

I had a post, but I reread it and it was kind of whiny so I ditched it. In other news, I've never been so anxious to not finish a book that I'm reading. I'm considering returning it to the library and waiting for somebody to give it to me for a gift, I'm that desperate to not finish it. Although, I must confess that the author's use of the tongue-tangling names of Schtitt, Stice, Shut and Schact is more like a mind-schtupp, because Bergen and Goldthwait and Hobart and Krautt would have worked just as well.

Therefore, ninjas. An obvious choice, but it's November.

For the uninitiated, some ninja facts.

Meet the most ninja-happy fellow on the 'net.

Play the ninja monkey game! Or the last ninja game!

And if your preferenece is for the junior variety, here are the teenage turtles. Check out the art contest.

I know you wondered. Yes, ninjas are nocturnal.

A serious ninja weapon website, which of course I can't take very seriously, and which leads me of course to Engrish.

I dare you to leave this website not singing the ninja song. Though anything by the rathergood progenitor is bound to be fun.

(Ninja; 7 Seconds of Love)

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Paul said...

Hey! Don't forget these guys, or they will comit seppuku!