28 June, 2006

Comically Animated

...woke last night to the sound of thunder....

"The night was sultry." --Throw Momma From The Train

It has been raining for four days. There is flooding and evacuations. The whole world is moist.

Because of the big BGE kerfuffle (rates freeze for 7 years, this year a proposed increase of 72%, lawmakers step in and legislate, general craziness), I decided we'd hold off on turning on the air conditioner until the very end of June. So the windows are open to catch breeze, changes in air temperature, dampness, sirens, firecrackers, pedestrian conversations, gunfire, birdsong, and the smell of sweet wet earth.

Thus, we are immersed in the ambient climate, which is, well, sultry. A tropical depression is feeding water to a stalled system up here, and there are whole zipcodes underwater. On a personal level, my skin is covered with a layer of moisture, whether sweat or steam or both I can't tell and honestly don't even care. It's almost not even worth showering anymore. The doors in the house have swollen to the point where, if they will close at all, they don't want to open again.

In short, I haven't had the top down for just DAYS. Primarily Decorative is whiny and blue.

To combat the blues, I seek funny. And, because it's the Internet, I find it.

A comic that's comic:Lulu Eightball.

To answer your burning question, no, dwarves can't dance. Animated fun!

Pure visual humor: The Perry Bible Fellowship

This Bollywood gem is enthusiastically animated. And comic, but not deliberately so.

Dissident humor merchandise, from Tom Tomorrow.

Dinosaurs. Children's books.Dinosaur Comics. Say no more. Thanks, Retropolitan. I laughed out loud.

Kreider's comic is funny/wrong this week. Plus, he slides a Nixon reference into the Artist's Statement. Probably not just for me, but I can pretend, right?

Funny, but wrong, again. I hope this prom gets rained out.

(Night Moves; Bob Seger)


Paul said...

Hopefully this will give a moment's chuckle as well.

Cybele said...

Paul. You're scaring people.

Paul said...

Then I am doing my job properly. Heh.