19 June, 2006

Relatively Peaceful

...I'm gonna soak up the sun/ I'm gonna tell everyone/ to lighten up...

I walk, sticky with sweat, chlorine, and the steam that rolls off the street from rain that has not yet decided whether to be finished. Intermittent cool drops kiss my neck and arms.

I would say that the sound of the police chopper disturbs the peace of the night, but that wouldn't be accurate.

The gunshots two streets over did that already.

(Soak Up The Sun; Sheryl Crow)


Cattiva said...

WHOA!!! Yay! A Cybele blog we can comment on. Where have I been? Of course, now I have nothing intelligent to say. Go figure.

Jon Busey-Hunt said...

Ahh, the peace and quiet of Baltimore.

You're in the part of the country that is "unbearably hot" right now, right? Consider yourself lucky, we're in the bit that's "unseasonably cold and rainy." As usual.