07 June, 2006

On Nakedness

...it gets so hot the end of the day/ you may find your clothes getting in the way....


"You know, honey, I'm really glad you feel so comfortable with your body that you take off everything the minute you walk in the house. It's just that it would be nice if sometimes, I'm not saying all the time, just sometimes, you'd wear something cute for a while. Just saying."

--S to TG, the kitchen.


"She's not wearing anything but that robe, Officer!"

"Quelle domage!Zat ees not true! I am wearing also zeeze two shoes, voici, un, deux, two!"

--C & NG, onstage.


"I am not naked! I'm wearing underpants!"

"Well, you're almost naked."

"You're naked, too, then!"

"No, I'm not. I've got on underpants and I've got my robe."

"Yeah, but you're not wearing it!"

--F & F, the dining room.


"Sorry I had to take my dress off before hugging you."

Oh, I didn't mind.

"Neither did I, hrm hrm, wink wink."

"It's nice that after fourteen years you still feel that way, dear."

"Well, not just that. It was the whole girl-on-girl thing."

--S & C, the den.


"Oh, you wore it after all."

I needed something to pin the robe to. If I flash somebody, I want it to be on purpose.

--P & NG, the greenroom.


So, how naked are YOU today?

(Strip; Adam Ant)


Inanna said...

Obviously not naked enough!

Michael said...

at home, usually. except in summer, when i leave the windows open to stay cool. then it's practically always.

Paul said...

As much as I can be. I work at home these days, thanks to the miracle of the Internet and email in particular, so I wear (or don't wear) whatever I see fit. But I do need to bear in mind that my kids come home from school and don't really want to see their father in quite that way...

Cybele said...

Not naked enough is right, Nan.

Practically always is good, Mike.

Paul, Dad in the altogether? Ewwww!

Frankie said...

As soon as I come home, the pants come off!