01 June, 2006

Wednesday Wonkage

...I drive on her streets/ 'cause she's my companion/ I walk through her hills/ 'cause she knows who I am....

A scrim of haze blurs the city skyline as I crest a hill. Also before and after, presumably, but I only noticed and can confirm 'as'.

I love this weather. It's not juicy enough to send to PostSecret, but I am secretly in favor of a BG&E rate hike, because it gives me a damned good excuse to not turn on the air conditioner. I shiver in winter, though not so much this year (extra-mild, wonder what that forcasts), and I just hate shivering in the summer. I have gotten good at remembering to bring a sweater to the mall, the movies, or the grocery, but having to do so annoys me in that niggling low-grade fashion which is so irritating that it eventually triggers an explosion of rage with no apparant catalyst.

This week, by special request, The Political Animal includes a tiki bar reference, and slips me a little Dick. He's been really good at that, which I appreciate, though I confess to being partial to Tim Kreider's Dick. I especially enjoyed Li'l Nixon (see Archives, 4/12/06) and the accompanying triviata.

We missed it, you guys. It was towel day, and has been every May 25 since 2001. If I hadn't read about it on Wil Wheaton's blog, I still wouldn't know.

And of course, Wil Wheaton would have reason to know about Kirk vs. Picard, though knowing his irritability regarding William Fucking Shatner, I'm a tiny bit surprised he posted it.

So but the point is, geeks rule. And YouTube also rules, because it permits people to share things like this Giraffe Mocumentary. That Joel Veitch, he's a genius.

On to some dry but mind-bogglingly useful sites.

Do you know where your predators are? (For the three families in America who have not already discoverd this site.)

Are you having trouble getting to work? Now, how you would use this site while driving is baffling, but if you're the sort to check the 'net before leaving the house, I suppose it might help. But if you're the sort to check the 'net before leaving the house, chances are you already know alternate routes and have built in two extra hours so that getting caught in a jam is just not a problem.

Girls, do not dispair: I've got a link especially for us. Yes, with this weather, I too have been having mascara issues, so I went to the Cosmetics Cop herself to find a good waterproof one. Product reviews are helpful! Advertisments are misleading! Beauty products are fun!

And this, while not exactly useful, is at least informative. Also not as dry as the previous triad, though I hate to think of it as 'wet'. It's Facts on Farts.


(Under The Bridge Downtown; The Red Hot Chili Peppers)


Jon Busey-Hunt said...

It would be hard to be Naked Girl with a sweater on, I imagine!

I myself totally frickin' HATE all the AC in the summer. People crank it to a ridiculous level -- my office is actually colder in the summer than in the winter, and there is no logical reason for that.

Why should I need a space heater in JUNE??????

Cybele said...

This is exactly my point, Jon. It's ridiculous.