09 May, 2007

Wednesday? Aaaaack!

...someday Mother will die and I'll get the money....


Life is like a box of metaphors. A pile of used auto parts from different eras. A timeline that folds back upon itself. The medical chart of a vampire zombie.

I think the word abbreviate is too long. It should be shorter.

I have decided to call words that function as both nouns and verbs 'action nouns'. It is in all ways preferable to the suggested sniglet 'nerbs'.

Also, palindrome is wrong. I suggest 'palinodonilap' as an upgrade. Plus it's got an audio that brings a creepy visual of two celebrities who NEVER should even be in the same sentence engaging in a sex act.

It's kind of surreal to listen to Apollo 18 on Random. The 'Fingertips' track was recorded as a handful of separate tracks. Twenty-one, actually. That's, what? four handfuls? (If you're Count Rueger.)

I might be up to doing Wednesday Links by next week. Maybe.

In the meantime, I will create an Answers Post, if anyone has Questions.

For those of you who prefer actual content, please read The Political Animal. Because he loves me, there's a Nixon reference. I mean, a Nixin reference.

(I Palindrome I; TMBG)


Nanner said...

I lovevol your Nixin reference. And your creative crafting of palinodonilap.

Aimee said...

Action noun. Yes, I think I'll use that! :)

Cybele said...

Aimee- I live to serve. Use anything you like.

Nanner- I heart 'lovevol'! It's WendyFab!