03 May, 2007

Of Interest (?)

I met a person yesterday with half a brain.*

I was guest poet/lecturer in a high school Creative Writing class today, and quite enjoyed it. We wrote poetry from the point of view of a pair of terrariumed frogs, and on the theme of velvet jackhammer. Not simultaneously. We believe we may have invented the word "dupioniance".

A billboard for ING reads: "We promise our high interest won't sneak off to Indianapolis."**

*Literally. She's doing better than a lot of folk I know who began life with the full complement.

**Only in Baltimore, where none of the Ravens players have any past or current affiliation with the city, where none of the players on either team ever played for the Baltimore Colts, or in fact, were even born in 1984, but where the inhabitants have memories huger than their hairstyles and hold grudges as naturally as crab mallets, could this quip have any sort of relevance whatever.


Aimee said...


Beautiful word.

Cybele said...

Thanks, Aimee. We couldn't find a word that meant 'something that looks one way from one angle and another way from another angle'.