04 May, 2007

Belated Wednesday

...Quale occhio al mondo può star di paro all'ardente occhio tuo nero?....

Don't ask. Just go.


"Hey! Weren't you, didn't you, I saw you at Spotlighter's!"

Oh. In the...

"The murder mystery, the Do Or Die. You were the, the, the..."

The stammering lawyer?

"Yeah! You were a riot!"

I go as a patron, and am pegged for a player.

New comic, Dirt Farm.

Not so comic: There was a very funny image of Our Current Leader with some lights shining behind his head, looking like an empty thought balloon. It was a thumbnail of this photo. You see what I mean.

It's not socks on a rooster. It's shoes on a guide horse.

And a big thank you to Jon, for sharing LOLTrek.

(Tosca; Giacomo Puccini)


Aimee said...

OMG, that was the funniest damn thing I've seen in a long time!

Cybele said...

What, Tosca?

Aimee said...

No, the LOLTrek. (I'm a closet Trekkie. Shhhh...)

Inanna said...

Man, I wish I lived closer to REAL culture, like an operahouse.