09 February, 2004

gigglebounce factor

I roll over to the sound of the phone, mumbling to the tangle of strawberry hair on the pillow next to me, " I hope that's someone I WANT to talk to."

(Giggling in a waterbed can be topped only by girlfriend giggling in a waterbed. So, again not much sleep, at least not before four am. Until the phone rang.)

"Did I wake you?"


"What is it with you? Every time I talk to you, you're either naked or in bed!"

"mmmmm." (and a giggle.)

"Woman, it's ten in the morning! Don't you have children to feed?"

"Shit, is it TEN? I don't believe this!"

"Psssst....Cybbie, tell him it's MY fault."

Oh, that will be a great help, Ginny. She is SUCH a bad influence.

Stupid over that girl, too.

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