27 February, 2004

Quote of the day:

School prepares you for the real world, which also sucks.

According to a source of Redwhore's (no, you don't get a link), Belle de Jour (ditto) has landed herself a fat book deal. Not that she doesn't deserve it, she's a helluva writer, understands hook, understatement, build, and reveal- and claims that this is her diary, and it's for real. Not that I care, mind, but it is once again a case of sensationalism selling, especially since it's sex.

Me? Bitter? Pass the glass and call me shaken, not stirred.

Tonight, Fools. Tomorrow night, Into The Woods. Sunday? We'll see. I promised two friends that I'd see Uncle Vanya, except that one of these fellas just pissed me off, and anyway I hate Checkov.

Not as much as I hate Neil Simon, but there's a little kid involved, so I gotta.

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