17 February, 2004

Once again, the world changes....

Last week, when I was in a dreadful place, emotionally speaking, I let my friends nurse me through in their various inimitable ways:

"Therapy," urged one

"Counselling, " wheedled another

"Medication!" shrieked a third.

How sweet to have people around me who take my moods more seriously than I do. Okay, so I'm miserable when I'm busy being miserable, but even then, I know it will be over soon. In the words on one of my heros, actress-writer-mom Jamie Lee Curtis,

"moods are just something that happen each day: Whatever I'm feeling inside is OKAY."
(from Today I Feel Silly)

The aching barometer of my body testifies to the increasingly cold weather that follows a brief warming. Yesterday morning, however, when I was out with the dog, though I could see my breath, the sun's angle and the tone of birdsong promised, whispered, hinted at Spring.


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