05 February, 2004

a little late...

Once again, the world changes....

I predict that in 2004 you will become far more discriminating about what images and information you allow to enter into the holy temple of your mind. You may even put up protective barriers that keep out the media's toxic psychic wastes and your friends' bad moods. I also predict that if you don't become more discriminating, you will lose touch with your own deepest desires and end up trying to be something you're not. In conclusion, fellow Cancerian, you sure as hell better remember how naturally telepathic you are, and how easily you take on other people's feelings as if they were your own. - Rob Breszny, Free Will Astrology

Once again, Rob, about a year late for this to be particularly useful. Insightful, yes, I will give you. Dead on target you also score. But timely or relevant? You're only half there. Such a shame; a friend of mine says you score direct hits nine out of ten. You're only about five hundred with me. Is this because you share my sign, and thus are just a teensy bit skewed?

However, this is simply amazing.

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