18 February, 2004

Irregularity: Watergate! the Musical

Once again, the world changes....

Cast upsets are getting to be a regular thing. However, this irregularity serves to punch up the fact that the whole show, the entire concept, and everything about this production is anything but regular.

I need a new Frank Wills. It looks as though Gino may have to be replaced. I just doubled Haldeman as Woodward. Our Ziegler is unwilling to dance. Our bellhop is still in rehearsal for another show that's already opened. Maureen brought a friend, which was sweet, and might be helpful, but what we really need is MEN.

And while we're on the subject of men, I wonder if it would be fun to have a shaving party. So many of our guys have facial hair of which they'll need to divest themselves. It would be a hoot to have everybody do it all together, like a facial or manicure party, though I can't actually testify to the relative enjoyability of those, never having attended one.

Or perhaps shaving's a private thing, best done at home with no one watching.

Better not to ask, maybe.

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