13 August, 2004

Alternate Existence


I emerge early enough to not miss the moist carpet of haze before the sun burns it from the surface. Sun glows, red alien eye, smirking, taunting. Will it rain yet more? Enough, enough.

I plop onto a firm bank of sand, comb my hair even as breeze teases tangles back into its sandy length.

Shiny treasures tumble about, delicious seaweed washing onto foolish beach in green snarls. Tiny creature digs and hides again beneath the half-dry crispy crust.

Glowering ball moves from red to yellow, yellow to white, burns away the haze, chases off the clouds, savages the skin of my neck and breasts and arms. The sea foams and churns, invites and beckons, waves me in, licks at my tail-

Excuse me. Feet. Licks at my feet.

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