01 August, 2004

Wolcott's Progeny

...make sure they get your good side, good side....

Put aside that I had one day to prepare for the role. Put aside that I've never acted in anything that's been reviewed, ever. Put aside that I'm not even really very interested in the show.

It still defies imagination and the bounds of reason that there should be reviewers in the crowd THREE NIGHTS RUNNING.

Judy Rousuck from The Sun- I'd be harsh, too, if I had "suck" in my name.
Mike Giuliano from Patuxent Publishing- never saw him.
and from CityPaper, an unknown mystery man who was not Gadi Dechter.

If the reviews are any good, I'll post links when they come out. Hell, I'll probably post the links even if I- or the show- get skewered.

Especially if I get another tag like "overly arty." Thanks, Judy.

(Goody Two Shoes, Adam Ant)

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