25 August, 2004

Don't Blink Links

...Make your mind up fast/ If you want it anytime, I can give it/ But you better hurry 'cause it may not last....

He touches the pile of yellow polka dotted strings flung carelessly on Coco's table, glances out the window at the cloud-smeared sky, eyebrows raised. It clearly is not a good day to swim.

"I was hopeful."

Eyebrows settle and he sits.


Tim Kreider's cartoon is funny. (Pay no attention to the second sentence of the second paragraph. We know better, don't we, darlings?)

The Animal's column is political. Funny. Sad. True. Or so I am given to understand.

This is peculiarly sticky, in a make-it-stop way, and weird enough for me to like it. It's also social commentary.

Today, the first family session at Trapeze School. Seriously, my kids will run away to join an accounting firm someday.

The Maryland Renaissance Festival opens this weekend.

If you care to come out this weekend, or the next two, I have a pair of tickets. Would you like them? Contact me here.

(Come And Get It; Elton John)

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