06 August, 2004

Lista, Hep!

...I'd rather be flying/ flying/ I'll take you everywhere I go....

"It's the best view in the city."

And possibly the best view OF the city.

I see city skyline, the black glass water of the harbor, glittering like cut crystal in the morning sun. The clouds are fluffy mountains, churning ice fields, happy lambs in the glistening sky. A few moments wait here is no hardship, requires no patience, only appreciation.

"You'll hate me tomorrow."

Doubtful. He's not doing anything I didn't ask for.

"That was catchable timing."

His approving tone pours like warm honey into my ear, spreading sweet across my synapses, finally lodging implication in my brain. Really?

"Yes. Scout's changing into his tights right now."

Scout in tights. That WILL be a treat.

Scout: "Gotcha!"

He does. I shriek with every morsel of breath I have left, which isn't much.

Brian: "We've got a screamer!"

Something wrong with that?

"I thought you'd like it."

That three-month old observance currently ranks as understatement of the year.

Halfway through the session, I signed up for Wednesday morning.Join me?

I came, I saw, I flew...but I didn't buy the T-shirt.

They were sold out.

(Flying; Crack the Sky)

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