06 March, 2005

Four, Unrelated

...any love is good love/ so I took what I could get mmh/ oooh, oooh she looked at me with big brown eyes/ and said....

The grill snarls at me between two glaring headlights. The four doors sport handles that scream, Tough! Machismo! The hatchback is shaped like the bottom of a beer can, the handle of a gun. It's silver grey and the result of mating a Hummer with a PT Cruiser. It's named 'Magnum'. Ladies and gentlemen, at long last, here it is: a station wagon, styled for a man.


Rolling wall of cloud looms along horizon blue and purple belly flat against the earth. Pink topped ridgeback stretches spindles heavenward.


I gave myself a fabulous foot massage, so of course in return I had to give me dinner and a blow job.

Only part of that statement is true.


"You can come back to my room and get in the hot tub. But that's ALL that's going to happen."

Who are you convincing?

"I'm just saying."

Well, if that's how it's gotta be.

I look at him. He's blushing. Blushing?

Sweetie, do I make you nervous?

He shakes his head. "You don't make me nervous." He leans forward. "You make me..."

I lean forward.


I, uh.....sorry.....I didn't mean....


....never mind.

(You Ain't Seen Nothing Yet; Bachman Turner Overdrive)

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