21 March, 2005

Quantum Reality

...whatever tomorrow brings I'll be there/ with open arms and open eyes....

Happy Vernal Equinox. My sister sends to me a link that associates my name with this occasion. Surprise! the whole Easter-resurrection-death-and-rebirth theme is less Christian that Christians would like to think. Religion is more mutable than most people presume. Perhaps everything is. Including our concept of time. Arthur C. Clarke, in Childhood’s End, speculates on collective memory and echoes of future events that reverberate in all directions through the continuum referred to as 'time,' but Douglas Adams put it best when he said "Time is an illusion -- lunchtime doubly so."

Reality is also mutable, according to the scientists interviewed in What The Bleep Do We Know!?, which I saw last week. This film is difficult to talk about, partly because it defys categorization, mingling metaphysics, quantum physics, cool animation and a narrative storyline starring Marlee Matlin.

I recently referenced the Facial Action Coding System, (and then, boom, there it is on an episode of Law And Order- coincidence? Sure, if I believed in such a concept) while discussing that what we do with our face- - and by extrapolation, as mimedancer Karen Montanaro insists- - our bodies, has a vital impact on our overall state of being. It seems that also our thoughts not only have an effect on our state of being, but create our reality. Dr. Joe Dispenza is hosting a workshop next weekend at the 'church' of my friend Wil Allyn, who often surprises me by taking things out of my brain and putting them into words. He answers "How are you" with the very zen "I am," which just wows me. I know I've seen him with shoes on, but I always imagine him barefoot, strolling through the halls of MotionFest bestowing smiles and warm fuzzies on the world at large. According to the film clips in What The Bleep Do We Know!?, there is scientific truth to what Wil and I have been saying for years: As you imagine, so it shall be.

Photographic evidence of this appears in Masaru Emoto's work, Messages From Water. By placing 'intent' on water, its crystalline structure is changed. This hits me personally, as I am always placing intent (blame the Feng Shui dabbling) on people who cross my path. Quoted in Move Your Stuff, Change Your Life is physicist Barry Gordon:

"If we accept the message of both quantum mechanics and the great spiritual teachers, then every smidgen of our universe effects every other. From this viewpoint there is no inside or outside. Everything is contained in consciousness which has no boundaries. So the placement of your bed has meaning in relation to the rest of your experience. The bed is a representation of your beliefs and emotions on the physical dimension, which manifest differently and seemingly disconnected by you, on other dimensions. When your bed is moved with intention, the belief and emotion dimensions also move. The great Eighteenth century scientist and mathematician Leibnitz discovered that photons, the basic particles of light, exhibit intention and purpose. If we take light to be the whole spectrum of vibration, not only visible light, then everything is composed of photons. That means the universe is intentional. And since we have been given the ability to intend, we are co-creators of the universe that we individually experience. Every thing, even the sticky front door that doesn't open all the way has meaning. Every thing, every action is intentional, sometimes conscious, sometimes unconscious. Feng shui brings the unconscious in our environment back into consciousness. That brings the beliefs and feelings back into consciousness. Then we have choice and can create our universe consciously."

If intent works on matter that we've traditionally considered 'inert', I don't know why it wouldn't work on humans, who are comprised mostly of water. The Apostle calls it 'connecting' when I gaze at someone and send a mental message of unconditional love and acceptance, and he does it all the time, too. He's all up with the 'woo-woo' side of things, and it's a nice confirmation to hear the same message from people at the other end of the spectrum.

People so far at the other end of the spectrum that it seems to come full circle and touch itself, with a twist in the middle, for Infinity.

(Drive; Incubus)

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