09 March, 2005

Pen Pal

...gonna write words oh so sweet/ they're gonna knock me off my feet/ a lotta kisses on the bottom....

Dere Martin,

HOw are you? I am Fine. I have been haveing fun playeing with all my toys. I have: A Jumprope, A Hula-hoop, and A plastic Doll.

My freinds are good, but I am too buzy to see them mutch.

I wonder about things like why I know the words baleen, troubadour, viscous, cyborg, ballyhoo and krill, but never get a chanse to youse them. Do you wonder that too sometimes?

Please tell me how are you doing and send me some stamps when you can. Also, please come to stay with me again soon. I've drunk all the beers leftover from your last visit and need an excuse to buy more.


Your Freind Cybele

(I'm Gonna Sit Right Down And Write Myself A Letter; Billy Williams)

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