10 August, 2005

No Comment?

...this is a test...this is only a test....

The Universe is full of unanswered questions.

Why would an otherwise reasonable human give the name 'Aries' to a child born under the sign of Pisces? Call a winter baby 'Autumn'? A blonde one 'Raven'?

Why is it that the gerund form of the 'F-word' is ubiquitous, but the adverbial form is used nearly never?

The pickup is huge, with hips. The vanity plate reads '4 MY RV'. I get that it's testosterone on wheels. But was it necessary to hang a large plastic scrotum from the tow hitch? And who made that thing? WHY?

"Hi, Sweetheart. Having fun?"

Of course. Don't I always?

"Absolutely. I retract the question."

Remember, this is a test.

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