01 August, 2005

Sneak Attack

...shouldn't I have this/ shouldn't I have this/ shouldn't I have all of this....

He finally kissed me...and I sat up and burst out laughing.

I think it's been firmly established that I like laughing best of all, but kissing runs very close behind that, very.

Consider the reasons to kiss or be kissed: greeting, boo-boo healing, good morning, passion, comfort, good-night, exploration, farewell, the legendary Kiss of Death- and the ways: loudly, gently, wetly, tightly, fleetingly, longingly, fondly, firmly- and the places: collarbone, neck, knee, nape, crown, brow, toes, knuckles, palm, wrist, shoulder, ear, nose, navel, elbow, ankle, hip- am I giving anyone ideas? or is it just me sitting in this moist spot?


Surprise being the key element in provoking laugher, it's safe to say I was caught off guard. I was prepared for a number of things, but not that.

"I hope you didn't mind," he said later.

Kissing plus laughter?

Mind? Hah! You have no idea.

(Passionate Kisses; Mary Chapin Carpenter)

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