26 August, 2005

Tune In...

...next week, when I, in my current snarly condition, will post links and discuss politics.

Seriously, I've been so irritable I'm getting on my own nerves. But general bitchiness is good for vicious humor and caustic observations, so all is well in my vituperative world.

In the meantime, amuse yourselves with this review of the show I'm in. There's an overly cheerful sunshiney one which was in The Sun, but click here for the one that is probably most accurate.

As busy as this weekend's schedule is, I'm thinking it won't be possible to get too well padded with the joy that usually flows in my direction, especially on Opening Weekend at the Maryland Renaissance Festival. Which bodes well for something entertainingly mean-spirited.

1 comment:

Des said...

Smiling mimes are not allowed to be mean.

It's A Rule. :P