18 August, 2005

Oh, Come On

...baby, talk to me/ like lovers do....

Seriously. I added comments at YOUR request, people. YOURS. And only Robert steps up? Pitiful, I tell you.

I've been slack about links lately, so here's some comin' atcha.

From Sloth's site, a definition of Googlebomb, which is both noun and verb.

Martin offers us results of a contest informally known as It Was A Dark And Stormy Night. Go visit Martin. His hit counter needs fluffing.

I love most everything at Archie McPhee, but this is particularly precious. To no one's surprise, I'll be ordering the purple.

I've been indulging my underwear habit, and after having gone bra shopping with Cutter, who told me the syle I'd been wearing did nothing but keep my breasts company, I've got enough information to shop via internet. Here is what I'm currently eyeing.

In other news, the play I'm in opens tomorrow. It's called Real to Reel.Here's the blurb.

In a departure from her usual fare of interactive murder mysteries, Do or Die Productions writer/director C.J. Crowe forays into the non-improvisational with her fist full-length play. Audiences familiar with Crowe's work will recognize her trademark humor as she explores the complex world of family relations.

Mary Baker has lived the American Dream... beautiful house, devoted husband and three loving children. And now, she is dying to star on reality television... literally. After being diagnosed with cancer, Mary's final wish is to allow hot new reality television show Real to Reel to cover the progress of her illness. Humor is her armor and laughter is her shield as she and her family very publicly face her battle with cancer

It's at the Chesapeake Arts Center in the Studio Theatre.

You'll be close enough to smell my fear.

(Here Comes the Rain Again; Eurythmics)


Des said...

Jee, lady -- give us a chance first...

Paul said...

Indeed. I didn't notice a comments section last night when I looked in here, but I wasn't looking for one either. So now that it's here I'll start using it.

More later, I'm sure...