29 March, 2006

Brinkless Links

....came up to me she said she loved the show/Asked her to come home and she couldn't say, "No!"....

The death of Slobodon Milosevic last week caused me a couple of angst-y moments, in that I enjoyed a brief moment of satisfaction that a villan was finally dead, then a moment of realization that all villains are eventually dead, and then several sad moments thinking that all people I love are also eventually dead.

Neither original nor profound, I know, but I’m wearing really faaaaaabulous underwear.

I realize it's been awhile since I've posted a bunch of absurd links for you people. Apologies, everyone.

I've been taking a class on screen painting, though you couldn't get more un-traditional than my screen: I'm reproducing a Picasso.

Here's some traditional screen painting. More traditional screen painting

Related pretty city pictures, and some others.

The WilWheaton link has been broken for awhile, but it was a low-priority issue. Here is where he's posting right now: WilWheaton In Exile, if anyone is interested. Yes, he's Just A Geek but he is fairly entertaining.

This is from Sloth's list of links, Stuff On My Cat, which I post here mostly for a far off nomadic pal who admits to liking movies with talking animals and unabashedly misses his dog.

More stupid cat stuff, from RatherGood, of course.

According to this website, July is the best time to visit Philly. Watch the clip. It’s old, of course, and those tiny, funnel-hatted Chinese diablo girls are all grandmothers now, but you get the picture.

So you thought The Incredible Mr. Limpet was fiction, did you? Speculative fiction, maybe. Check this out.

And of course, we’d have had less dramatic footage of mating penguins without CritterCam.

More weird science, this time playing on the deliberately fostered fear factor.

And of course it had to happen, The Lord of The Rings- the Musical. It’ll probably earn a Tony for makeup or set design.

Finally, just for fun, The Pain- When Will It End?.

I love my children. No, really.

(She's Crafty;The Beastie Boys)

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