26 March, 2006

Working Girl

...put on a little makeup, makeup/make sure they get your good side, good side....

Cheap enough?

He casts an appraising eye. "More makeup."

Right. I set to work with powder and paint.


"Mmm. What are you going to do about lipstick?"

I'm WEARING lipstick.

"Ahhhh, what have you got that's bright?"

I have this frosted orangey stuff.

"Let's see it. Yeah, that's good."

So now I look cheap?

He narrows his eyes, then grins. "Not really. But you'll do."

We start downstairs. I slip on the carpet. "Whoa, Cybbie, you okay?"

Yes. Shit! No. I broke a heel.

"Damn. Those shoes were perfect, too."

This week, I'll be shopping for a new pair of black satin maribou-trimmed Marilyn mules.

Poor me.

(Goody Two-Shoes; Adam Ant)


Inanna said...

Mmmmm... mules...

Michael said...

Damn. This is the exact same outfit & makeup *I'm* wearing.

Cybele said...

Nan- Yes, I loves me some shoes. Loves 'em better when I can write 'em off.

Mike- No shit! You're playing a Prohibition-era whore in a murder mystery, too?