20 March, 2006

Late Night

...thrilling (thrilling) and chilling (chilling), yeah, she's so divine/She's mine (mine)/Mine (mine)/woh-oh-oh....

From across the frozen wastelands, he calls me Cyb and makes me smile.

Sooooooo hop over and say howdy to Jon Busey-Hunt, which is what Dude's calling hisownself these days. I first knew of him as Jonny, concubine and webmeiseter extraordinaire to the hott yes with more than one t Diablo Cody, friend of the wildly weird Corey Andersen, who brings us this Simpson-related activity.

Of course, Jon is now married to Diablo, though we didn’t see ANY wedding pictures, and I was hoping for some, hint hint.

On a side note, I loved reading Candy Girl and am pleased that Diablo's New York booksigning event was parlayed into a Letterman appearance. Which explains why I'm up late. Aside to the side note: I guess that makes her Diablo Cody Busey-Hunt.

And I thought MY name was a mouthful.

(Candy Girl; Frankie Valli)

1 comment:

Jon Busey-Hunt said...

Wo! A plug!!!

You rule!