23 April, 2007

Caffine Dream

...I've got myself lost/ I was writing to tell you/ that my feelings tonight/ are a stain on my notebook....

I dreamed
of a woman who walked away
after I had responded sharply
to her stupid question.

I called
to her with apology on my face
and explained I hadn't been
feeling myself lately.

I took
from her the cup she handed
to me, half full of coffee
all pale with cream and cooling.

I watched
as she smiled in sympathy, patted
my hand and walked away again, gentleness
in her stride.

I sipped
at the creamy sweetness, marvelling
that it changed in my mouth
from lukewarm to icy cold, dark and bitter

just the way I like it.

(Black Coffee In Bed; Squeeze)


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It's funny how many people haven't heard of Squeeze.