06 April, 2007

HotCross Puns

...left the bathtub running over/ stereo on and cookin' bacon/ never came back to tell us why....

I serve breakfast, fried eggs on matzoh. "Mama, could I have some wine?" Fluffy asks.

You want wine?

He means the pear/grape fruit juice the kids drank at Seder, while Mama, Coco and Muzzy got the good stuff.


Uhhh. Egad.

"Stop whining!" Fuzzy orders, scowling.

"It was just a yolk."

(Hot Cha; They Might Be Giants)


Michael said...

That reminds me of an old joke, about Medieval Morty, a knight applying to be the first Jewish member of King Arthur's Round Table. When he was supposed to deliver a speech to all the important men, he froze and all he could remember was "Mah nishtanah ha leilah ha zeh..." King Arthur turned to Merlin and said, "Why is this knight different from any other knight?"

pyllgrum said...

I am glad to hear Fuzzy is coming out of his shell.