20 April, 2007

Write Now

...songs that make the whole world sing/ I write the songs of love and special things....

It seems I'm going to be a mystery surprise guest at MWA's Annual Conference. [Aside: website mysteriously down at this very moment.]I found out on Sunday, finalized on Wednesday, and thought to post it...oh, just about twenty minutes ago.

Now, I don't think I alone am worth the $120.00 ticket, (well, maybe I do, but not for this) but if this tips anyone over to the 'sure, why not' point, I thought it was worth a mention.

My blurb and bio are not on the website (as indeed practically everyone who is speaking are also not) so for your edification, I present them here.

The Poet's Toolbox
Have you ever thought "Oh, I could never write poetry"? Cybele says it isn't so! Every writer has all the tools necessary to create poetry. Come learn what you don't know you already know, participate in guided exercises, and create a poem in class. The scheduled Q&A segment may have to make way for open mike!

Instructor Bio

Cybele Pomeroy writes poetry because writing plays earned her too much money to qualify as a starving artist. Cybele has been teaching literature, drama and performance art for ten years, and has been employed as a costumer, makeup artist, editor, waitress, stiltwalker, lead writer, Tupperware lady, sign painter, and shadow dancer. She admits to being rabid about punctuation.

Cybele appears frequently in Do Or Die Productions interactive murder mysteries (dodmystery.com) and she took third place in the 2005 poetry contest, with her poem "Love Is...", which was about coffee. Her poem "City Plows, Broken Or Not" appeared in the literary magazine Scribble, Volume Five, Issue 2 1/2.

Cybele's future goals include spending time as a limousine driver, bartender, archaeologist and golf caddie, though not simultaneously.

If you check the schedule, I am the first 'TBD' on the left at 9:45.

The sun, naturally, will come out, while I am indoors. With writers of such brilliance that I will need sunglasses anyhow.

I mean, Moira Egan, people!

(I Write The Songs; Barry Manilow? no. Frank Sinatra? no. Bruce Johnston.)


Frankie said...

That's pretty kick-ass, no?


Cybele said...

Well, it did turn out much better than I expected. Thanks, Frankie!

Brighton said...

Wow! Congrats!!