31 July, 2004

Warming Up

...I need to laugh and when the sun is out/ I've got something I can laugh about....

One beer, one Margarita, and I am SO good to lie on a float and toast. Theater? Call time? Performance? My ass. Audience? Shit. Okay, I'm going.

It's good to see Brad; it's good to see Hawk seeing Brad. It's good to see Hawk bond with Mrs. Brad. They have a few things in common.

Alaina seems to have grown gills, and knows no fear of the water, sliding down, splashing, sinking over her head, coming up with nary a sputter.

I've finished a short story, which is evidently my new process for beginning a play. I did a short backstory on Feetus Fleetwood before I started creating the script. I began this project as a novel, decided against it, since I KNOW how long it takes to create a script, but I've been stalled. Maybe this will jumpstart me.

I know the end. I know the beginning. Now I need to write all the middle bits.

(Good Day, Sunshine; The Beatles)

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