29 June, 2005

Body Parts

...body, you'll adore my body/ body, come explore my body....

A handsome cornfed Midwestern chest swings into view. He's Driving Without A Shirt. Have I mentioned I love summer? As he rounds the corner, we make eye contact and he grins at me with a mouthful of healthy teeth. The effect is marred only marginally by the minivan he's driving.

Ropy tattooed arm muscles flash past my open window, accompanied by a low grumbling roar. He wears the sleeveless tee shirt, and curls flame from beneath the requisite Harley helmet. I am suddenly homesick.

His hairstyle holds a dent created by the headrest of the airplane seatback. Compound word, anyone? Just today, he's used more Product than I do in a month.

(Macho Man; The Village People)

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