28 June, 2005

The Questions

...and the time will come when you see/ we're all one, and life flows on....

He is someone I love, but love doesn't adequately describe it. Though we don't know each other well, I think on some deep, primal level, we understand each other. I feel at home in his presence, and in his heart, and hope he feels at home in mine.

He's Robert, and he has questions.

"Some of them are compound questions, but I can't help myself:"

(1) You and I met with an excited squeal which proved (I think) to be genuine and lasting. First impressions are an interesting phenomenon. Some people swear by them, others are hesitant to trust them. What do *you* think- do you believe first impressions are authentic? Have you ever been completely wrong about someone?

(2) When last did you build a sandcastle? If you could build a sandcastle right now, anywhere in the world, where would it be? Tell us about the place and why you chose it.

(3) What will your first bestseller be about? Who will you dedicate it to, and why?

(4) In your blog, you often take little bites of life, wrap them in juicy expressions and serve them up as tasty, sensuous morsels. Do you specifically *choose* to tease your readers in this way, or is that just the way the words come out? Do you consciously not have comments on your blog? If so, why not?

(5) What is your favourite topless activity? Try to explain to the uninitiated skeptics what the joys of toplessness are.

Answers will follow. In the meantime, speculation is encouraged.

(Within You Without You; George Harrison)

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