15 June, 2005

Farewell, Friends

...I'm about to lose control and I think I like it.....

Only some of you will find this exciting.

They've gone with me to New Orleans, and to Bloomington, Indiana. They've skipped beside the Mississippi River and dangled from my hand in Jackson Square. They've trod wet streets in Fells Point, and sparkling grass on Federal Hill. Now they're going to Minneapolis with me.

The Bondage Sandals, yes. The Hooker Barbie Heels will stay in the bedroom where they belong.

Rob Breszny advises me to scale way back on my excitment level. M'kay. Check out this blog of note while I'm gone: The Dullest Blog In The World.

Fascinating stuff when I return. Or maybe not. Don't get too worked up. I know I won't.

(I'm So Excited; The Pointer Sisters)

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