02 June, 2005

Edited Entry

...did I ever tell you you're my hero....

Part of this entry has been removed. I just never know what will offend some people. Oh, well.

I was turned down at the Red Cross yesterday. Won't someone please go donate in my place? My iron was low again.

It's kind of a theme this week, but I'll make something out of nothing yet: Life recycled as fiction. It's no Kiosk, but it'll do. I'm much more clever in fiction.

Martin is clever enough to have created this site, but he didn't, he just found it. He's also bent enough to participate. He is absolutely that bent. I love that about him.

I plan to be at Tim Kreider's book signing at Atomic Books this Friday night, not that I expect to see any of you there. Even were I to promise that I'd attend wearing ONLY a red carnation, none of you yahoos would show up. You never do.

Rejected again.

(Wind Beneath My Wings; Bette Midler)

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