24 July, 2005

Question Four

"...it seems like you're always partying with your friends in your car" -- Mayven

(4) In your blog, you often take little bites of life, wrap them in juicy expressions and serve them up as tasty, sensuous morsels. Do you specifically *choose* to tease your readers in this way, or is that just the way the words come out? Do you consciously not have comments on your blog? If so, why not?

Well, as I told my sister, I don't write the boring bits. I mean, I'm aware that I'm writing for an audience, so I never pop in with "...Dear Diary, today I had a fight with my boyfriend and he was soooooo mean to me that I think I'll break up with him xcept I luv him soooooooo much and then there's the part where we have the best sex when we make up *giggle*....."

None of that, thanks. I write with an eye to readability, and hoping to not draw you the whole picture, but sketch an outline that the reader can fill in. Also, sensuous is the way I operate, standard issue. If my senses are not being tantalized, I must not be feeling well.

I don't have comments because they seemed irrelevant. I mean, if you like my stuff, good, and if you don't, don't read. It's a monologue, not a dialogue. I have two contact places, if anyone has something important to say. I don't generally need or want feedback. The maintainence would be too much for me. Also, it encourages more of the "oooh, justin u r soooo funny, just had to say that. y don't u post a piktur?" sort of thing that I detest.

Okay, enough with the snobbery. Real reason? (and I'm being very naked here) If I had comments, and no one left some, my feelings might be hurt, and I can't have that.

I'm sensitive, you know.

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